What are skip bins used for in Australia

What are skip bins used for in Australia


In Australia, skip bins Adelaide is used to holding commercial and residential wastes. The bins are durable and tough and they are able to withstand the weight of the heavy wastes. They are usually open-topped to allow easy disposal of the large amount of wastes. To prevent spillage, the wastes cannot exceed the bin size. Closed skip bins are to hold waste that needs to be secure and no authorized user is allowed. It also ensures the wastes does not exceed the maximum limit.

After this, the wastes in the skip bins will be taken to a landfill to be recycled or disposed off.


Uses of skip bins

For commercial wastes, the skip bins are used to hold construction debris that may originate from a building, renovation or demolition site. They can also be used by factories that need to dispose of large quantities of wastes.

For residential wastes, the bins are useful for storing wastes from home renovations, handyman maintenance works, repair project or garden clean up.


Wastes that are prohibited from the skip bins





Toxic wastes,




Types of skip bins

Skip bins that contain concrete only are the cheapest as the concrete wastes can be disposed of easily. The wastes do not need to go through sorting and picking processes. The concrete wastes are crushed and recycled to be used as construction materials again.


On the other hand, skip bins containing general wastes are the most expensive as the mixed wastes need to sort and pick accordingly to their material types before the different materials can be recycled efficiently.


Green waste skip bin is used to store wastes from the garden like grass, roots, twigs, trees, vegetation. Wastes from the green waste skip bins are the easiest to dispose as no sorting of wastes is required and the green wastes are recyclable.



In Australia, skip bins are used for storing and recycling of wastes. Recycling helps to protect our Earth, reduce environmental impacts and supply industries with recycled materials.