Putting A Workspace in A Van

Putting A Workspace in A Van

If you plan it right, it is possible to fit a slide-out workbench in the back of the van. This lets you work outside and expand your working area considerably. You do however have to keep three things in mind:


When it rains, you may get, and so will your gear (it’s possible to fix this though, have a look at tip…).

You can not use this workbench as a normal storage shelf whenever it is inside the van.

Additionally, make sure that the legs are adjustable, so that you can offset the height of this curb/your van when loaded. Nobody enjoys a slanting workbench. Create a custom rain cover to your back doors

Your back doors provide ideal support for a rain cover, enabling you to operate beneath the cover whenever it rains. Additionally, it keeps your gear dry. Nice to have if you plan on fitting a slide-out workbench, or working out a lot generally.


Hang as far as possible

Efficient van racking begins with hanging up as far as possible. The more you hang out of your van doors and walls, the less cabinetry and shelves you will want. Suggestion: clad the window panes onto your back doors and use them to hang as many screwdrivers as you can. Most van doors may open 270° today, which means that you can accomplish your tools from inside, the trunk, and the side of your van also.  You can also check out quality van shelving at Rolacase.


Create a locked compartment to the expensive equipment

Construct a heavy-duty compartment using a giant lock to put your expensive tools. Make certain to make this compartment simple to reach, as it is annoying enough to get it out of there each single time you want it. However, the next time they break into your van, you will be very happy with yourself.


Experts: prevents thieves from getting to your precious equipment.


Disadvantages: should you use this equipment frequently, it is going to become somewhat of a hassle.


Keep heavy items near the doors

Anything on wheels stored near the back or side doors? Then replace them with the heaviest equipment you have (and use).