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Phantom 2 Vision Firmware v1.1.9 Released

DJI have just launched v1.1.9 firmware for the FC200 camera, adding long awaited Adobe DNG RAW support! Metadata for Adobe DNG RAW files will also include GPS location and relative altitude. Please follow update procedures carefully. DJI will keep working to further improve the quality of the RAW file and providing the best aerial photography solutions to our customers.

1. The latest version of the DJI Vision app can now be downloaded. (iOS: v1.0.32; Android: v1.0.38)
2. Firmware for the Phantom 2 Vision FC200 camera has been updated to v1.1.9. Please download through our website.

Update Procedures:
1. Download the latest camera firmware and unzip it.
2. Copy the “firmware.bin” file to the root folder of an empty Micro-SD card (32gb or lower).
3. Make sure the camera is turned off, then insert the Micro-SD card.
4. Turn on the camera.
5. Firmware update will begin automatically. A yellow flashing LED on the camera indicates that the camera is updating.
6. When the flashing stops, the update is finished. After a successful update, the “firmware.bin” file name will change to “firmware.bin.bak00”. This file can then be deleted.

Special Notes:
1. During the update, do not turn off the camera or take out the Micro-SD card. This may prevent your camera from switching on and will need a factory reset.
2. A fast red flashing LED on the camera after the update means the update has failed. Please try again.
3. You must use the latest DJI Vision App (iOS App: v1.0.32; Android App: v1.0.38).