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Cyclone Shutters

If you live in Australia, particularly in the northwestern regions, the fact is you likely have seen a cyclone blow through your neighborhood. These natural disasters can be much more than just a regular hassle. They can leave destruction and interrupt the day to day life of anyone. Lost objects, broken trees, blocked roads, and shattered windows are just some of the destruction that can occur from these storms. There is a solution commonly used for one of those that have been proven to be effective.

To protect the windows of your home or business, cyclone shutters have become one of the most commonly employed strategies to avoid that damage. Cyclone shutters essentially are engineered barriers that can be lowered down automatically or by hand to cover your windows to prevent the glass from shattering by the impact from objects or even just the fast and powerful winds! These shutters

Putting A Workspace in A Van

If you plan it right, it is possible to fit a slide-out workbench in the back of the van. This lets you work outside and expand your working area considerably. You do however have to keep three things in mind:


When it rains, you may get, and so will your gear (it’s possible to fix this though, have a look at tip…).

You can not use this workbench as a normal storage shelf whenever it is inside the van.

Additionally, make sure that the legs are adjustable, so that you can offset the height of this curb/your van when loaded. Nobody enjoys a slanting workbench. Create a custom rain cover to your back doors

Your back doors provide ideal support for a rain cover, enabling you to operate beneath the cover whenever it rains. Additionally, it keeps your gear dry. Nice to have if you plan on fitting a …

What Is Public Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects you from financial loss if your activities, your negligence or the conditions of your land is found to cause someone to be damaged or injured, or an individual’s land to be damaged or destroyed or else they suffer loss as a consequence of relying upon your advice or services.

There are 3 kinds of liability insurance: Obligation products are most frequently taken out by companies for risks involved with their day-to day surgery, but they’re also built into many property insurance programs, for example, liability cover in house and contents insurance. Two key risks are covered by liability insurance.

The 2nd is the reimbursement which you could be told to cover the injured or wronged party, and their legal costs, if a claim from you is upheld. These incorporate an excess to be paid by the insured in the occasion of a claim, and also generally set …

So you think you can pilot a drone?

Drones are in right now. They’re new and exciting and as a result there are a lot of options out there. Hobby-grade drones can range from as little as $30 to as much as $2000, so it’s safe to assume there is an array of options to choose from.

So many that it may be a little daunting for first-time drone pilots. The chances of crashing your very first drone are high… So you don’t want to rush out and spend top dollar for something that you’re probably going to break. Down the cheaper end of the scale, there are still many do’s-and-don’ts.

Here are a few handy hints when deciding which craft to purchase:

  • Go small. Mini quadcopters don’t fly for long or fair well outside, but they are an inexpensive way to learn how to control a four-propeller craft remotely and they won’t do much damage to your

I-Drone announces “Projector Drone” Concept

I-Drone today is proud to announce a projector drone concept, developed by the team in Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia.

Press Release:

World first: ‘Projector Drone’ shows sky no longer the limit for video projection.

It sounds futuristic but a flying projector drone is now very much a reality. This exciting world first is being developed by the team at Melbourne-based company, I-Drone.

The ‘Projector Drone’ is capable of beaming news, games and advertising over the walls of a city near you.

The proof of concept vehicle is able to fly for 12 minutes at a time, features its own on-board data storage and a 500 lumens projector. The company is already working on more sophisticated features, including live streaming data, pan and tilt projector controls and ultrasonic sound capabilities. 

Ryan Hamlet, the company’s Project Manager, has said “We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what drones can do. We

DJI has released the Ground Station function for Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision+

DJI has released the Ground Station function for Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision+ users. This function will be available within the updated DJI Vision app for iOS and Android.


The DJI Vision app is being updated to iOS v1.0.41 and Android v1.0.50.
Major New Features

Ground Station support with:
Planned flight missions of up to 16 custom waypoints.
One-touch “Go Home” function.
Flight safety protection:
3.1 miles (5km) flight distance limit.
Ground station is automatically disabled when the Phantom battery level falls below 30%.
1640ft (500m) maximum flight radius from HOME point, 656ft (200m) altitude limit.

Important: Ensure that your Phantom is running the latest firmware v3.04.…

CASA to move on from Small RPA’s

There is a solid basis for Australia’s aviation regulator proposing those operating remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) weighing less than two kilograms under specific conditions will not require a licence, experts say.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) says unmanned aerial vehicles two kilograms or less represent only a small risk to safety.

In issuing a notice of proposed rule making (NPRM) for amendments to CASR Part 101 it is seeking comment on allowing these vehicles to be flown without a licence under certain conditions.

Under the proposed CASA changes, these smaller RPA’s can be flown without an unmanned aircraft system operator’s certificate or remote pilot certificate, under a number of specific conditions.

The RPAs have to be less than 400ft above the ground; flown in daylight conditions; be flown outside of controlled airspace; more than 30m away from people; more than 5km from an aerodrome; and a line of sight …

Phantom 2 Vision Firmware v1.1.9 Released

DJI have just launched v1.1.9 firmware for the FC200 camera, adding long awaited Adobe DNG RAW support! Metadata for Adobe DNG RAW files will also include GPS location and relative altitude. Please follow update procedures carefully. DJI will keep working to further improve the quality of the RAW file and providing the best aerial photography solutions to our customers.

1. The latest version of the DJI Vision app can now be downloaded. (iOS: v1.0.32; Android: v1.0.38)
2. Firmware for the Phantom 2 Vision FC200 camera has been updated to v1.1.9. Please download through our website.

Update Procedures:
1. Download the latest camera firmware and unzip it.
2. Copy the “firmware.bin” file to the root folder of an empty Micro-SD card (32gb or lower).
3. Make sure the camera is turned off, then insert the Micro-SD card.
4. Turn on the camera.
5. Firmware update will begin automatically. A yellow …